About Us

NickMillerCircleNicholas W. Miller
Owner & Managing Director

I started DJing when I was 13 with any equipment I could find. 8 years later, I started my own business and I still love to be a part of life’s biggest moments. I shadowed a couple DJs when starting off; fast forward to today, I have done countless events ranging from weddings, formal military balls, school dances, special events at bars, and live music. I hope that we can be a part of your event and help make your event a reality. On behalf of KNM Productions, we appreciate your consideration and look forward to working with you in the near future!

kellencircle-2.jpgKellen Miller
Creative Director

I strive to make my photographs unique, funny, and enjoyable, which will make any client enjoy having photographs taken of them, and enjoy the outcome of the session. I take pride in my work being fun, entertaining, and enjoyable for my clients. I want to make sure that all of my clients are happy with my work on capturing moments and memories that can last a lifetime.
Note: Kellen’s photography has won multiple awards at the Iowa State Fair and a couple other photography competitions


John Martin Jr.
DJ/Music Production

I have been around music all of my life, when I was a child I remember listening to music all the time in the car with my father. I was fascinated with instruments, and sounds I got my first drum set and piano keyboard in the first grade. That lead me to beat making and music production, which eventually lead me to DJing. My passion for music comes from my family, and the love that I have for music.


Jaci Sardou
I started my makeup endeavors at age 13, and am headed off to La James Cosmetology to become a certified beautician. I love to provide both informative, and enjoyable makeup environments for your big day. Ranging from bridal parties, prom glam, fun costume/Halloween makeup, and even theater makeup. Newer to the team with photography, my passion began when I was in High School on the yearbook team, and farther into becoming a photographer for concerts over the summer! This job opens doors to express my artistic talent and I cannot wait to work with you!