One-Stop-Shop for Media

At KNM Productions, we aim to provide all of our clients with the experience of a lifetime for the most memorable days of theirs! We strive to provide professional services at a cost that is most effective for all clients. We do this by cross-training our employees to be able to perform multiple services, bundling services together to be cost-effective, and by having our staff be autonomous in their ability to work together, around each other, and helping each another.

Why Choose Us?

  • One invoice. One contract. One point of contact.
  • Planning Team: You work with our dedicated planning team to plan your day and they organize everything on the back end and organize our services.
  • Insurance: All of our employees are cross-trained. So, in the event of a personal emergency, we have back up service providers to ensure your big day can continue.
  • Autonomy: There is frequently a need for vendors to work together. Having all providers under one roof allows us to provide services with less hassle.