Event/General Videography 

$ 425 .00/hr+Tax
  • Coverage by the hour
  • Discount rate after 5 hours
  • Video length varies by project
  • Mic’ing system
  • Lighting System ($50 charge)


Wedding Videography

$ 3,400 .00+Tax
  • 8 hours of coverage
  • Editing included
  • Up to 15 minute video
  • 30 second event trailer
  • Mic’ing system


Wedding Ceremony

$ 550 .00+Tax
  • 1 hour of coverage
  • Editing included
  • Recap video
  • 2 cameras (Static & Active)
  • Mic’ing system

Videography is where our creativity really gets to blossom. Our interest in photography and audio come together and we get to produce a piece of work that captures your biggest moments. Whether your vision is the day of your wedding or the event you worked so hard to organize, we want to help you capture that day to remember, forever.